Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Haere Mai
Welcome to our new Religious Education Blog

Over the next two years this blog will be under development as a resource for staff and parents in the teaching of Religious Education.

The parent pages will have explanations of the key ideas your children are learning about in RE and some ideas for question starters to open conversation at home.  This front page will have examples of work done in RE.  Even if its not your child's work, your child will be able to comment on it and explain it.

Starting next term with the Sacrament strand, staff will unpack the key theological ideas behind each strand.  We will define 3-4 key ideas that we will teach throughout the school and use the curriculum content-knowledge, prayer and ritual opportunities to help to grow the children's understanding.

For example this morning five year olds told me:
Jesus is God's Son, He died on the cross, He came back alive again, I'm glad he came back alive.

Twelve year olds told me: 
He is Christ, that means holy, sacred, sinless.

There's a noticeable development of understanding - the older children are talking about the same thing but they're looking more deeply into the meaning.

Faith is a mystery.  Our religion touches things we cannot fully understand and yet we can understand them to some extent, in different ways, at different times in life, for different purposes.

This is what we hope to inspire with our Religious Education program - a deep and mysterious appreciation for the mystery of Faith and a grounded and growing understanding of the content of our Faith.  Our hope is that children will come to know and love God because:

"God has made us for Himself and our heart is restless until it finds rest in God," St Augustine.

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