Thursday, August 13, 2015

Children's work in Sacrament


This is an example of some of the things we have been learning about in Sacrament.  The children love to talk about what they're doing and these pictures taken from the classroom walls may be a good opportunity to start a conversation about what your child has learnt about Sacrament.

Room 2 have been learning about holiness and holy things as a preliminary to help them to understand that when ordinary things become a symbol for God, they can be holy.  Their morning prayer circle is a holy thing.

Room 1 have been learning about Baptism.  

The candle is one of the symbols of Baptism
Room 3 have been learning about all seven Sacraments, in particular Confirmation and the other Sacraments of initiation - Baptism and Eucharist.  Here is some of the work hanging on their wall.

Room 4 are using their grit and determination in some extended artwork to illustrate the seven Sacraments.

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