Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Room 3 Last Supper Writing

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_Supper, labeled for resuse
As I chatted to the person next to me, the room went silent. I saw Jesus slowly stand up. He moved his arm towards the warm bread and a breath taking smell came under my nose. “This is my body,” he said loudly and he passed warm bread around.  Soon it was my turn, the bread tasted sweet like a bundle of hay all scratchy and sharp. ‘When my children grow up I’ll tell them about this,’ I thought.  Jesus was still standing, he picked up a chalice.  “This is my body,” he said loudly and he passed  it around.  The wine tasted tangy and went down my throat slowly. I felt as though I was being filled with love, but I also felt confused because I don’t know what Jesus is talking about.

By Charlotte            

I was just chatting to my friends beside me, when  Jesus suddenly stood up and the room went soundless. Jesus picked up the bread, the mouth watering smell drifted to my nose. His voice BOOMED as he said,  “This is my body which has been given up for you.’’ He passed the bread around to everybody. We ate the  bread together. He picked up a shiny silver cup, Jesus took a mouthful and said,  “This is my blood which has been poured out for you,’’ then he passed the silver cup to me. I took a sip and passed it to the person next to me. The cup  was very cold. When it got back to Jesus we sat down and people started talking again.  I feel so confused, why is he doing this?   

By Katie

I sit down on the hard, rough cushion next to Peter and John and I start to talk with them.  Suddenly, Jesus stood up beside me, I don’t know what he’s doing.  He started to hand around snow-white  bread with a cross on it. I smell it drift into my  nose. Finally it reaches me.  The bowl is warm from people’s warm sweaty hands. I chuck it in my mouth, I chew, chew and swallow.  It kind of tastes different, it must be because it has been blessed. Jesus starts talk to everybody, his voice booms and echoes around the room. He stands up again. What's he doing? I ask myself.  ‘Take this all of you and drink it, this is my blood which will be given up for you.’  I ask John what’s going on, “I don’t know,’ came his reply.  Jesus hands the wine around, it comes closer and closer until it finally reaches me. I take a sip, a fresh red liquid whooshes down my throat like a waterfall. I hand the cold, metal chalice over to Peter,  I wonder what will happen next…

By Cooper

Chattering is all around me when suddenly the room falls quiet Jesus stands up and exclaims, “ Take this all of you and eat it this is my body.” I could smell delicious bread as he broke it and passed to me. “ What does he mean?’’ whispered a disciple.  Jesus spoke again, “Take this all of you and drink of it for this is my blood given up for you,” he then passes a silver chalice around the table.  It feels warm in my hands.  I take a sip, it tastes delicious and suddenly makes me feel happy.  I pass the chalice on to John but, I feel confused, what is going on? 

By Bryn

People deep in conversation suddenly fell silent. Others looking down at their plates silently raised their heads. The echoes that were once buzzing around the room had stopped. Lingering around the room was the smell of food and drinks. Then Jesus stood and spoke ,“Take this all of you and drink of it for this is my blood.” I looked on in wonder while he held high in the air a metal cup. I felt nervous not knowing what was to happen next. Jesus then asked for the cup to be passed around the table. What felt like 5 seconds had passed before it was my turn. The cold metal traveled further and    further up towards my mouth and then … I took a sip. Not really knowing what to expect I passed the cup and gulped down the bitter, cold, sour mouthful. The room was once more silent what will happen next?
By Maia

I sat down on the chair as quietly as can be. Suddenly the room fell silent and Jesus started talking. His voice echoed around the room, it felt like we were in a cave. He simply broke some bread and passed it around.  He gave some to me, it smelt good and I suddenly felt so very special.  Jesus picked up a wine chalice and said, ‘Eat and drink this all of you because this is my body and blood.’ I took a sip hoping it would taste good, it tasted delicious. I picked up the bread and broke it in half. It was savoury and sweet. Even though I’m worried that something bad is coming the bread and wine has made me feel happy and excited.

 By Lachlan

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