These are derived from investigation of the theological focus, the strand progressions over 8 years and what we believe are the key ideas our year 8 leavers will need to know and understand by the time they leave St Joseph's.  Our selection of the key ideas is guided by our understanding of the Nicene Creed, the founding belief statement of the Catholic faith dating back to the Council of Nicea in AD325; Biblical teaching; Church tradition; and the Catechism of the Catholic church which the original RE curriculum documents are based on.
Key Ideas

1.             The Church is the people united with God
2.             We all have a responsibility in the Church
3.             There are formal responsibilities in the Church
4.             The mission of the Church is to bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth.

2016 Church Focus
As we have composite classes we will swap our strand year level focus annually so that all children are exposed to all teaching levels.

Room 2
Year 2
Room 1
Year 4
Room 3
Year 6
Room 4
Year 8


Church Assessment

1. Explain how God and the people are connected through the Church.

2. What responsibilities can ordinary people take to serve God through the Church?

3. Explain some of the formal responsibilities in the church? e.g. priesthood

4. Explain the mission of the Church

Marking Guide

For Years 1-3 an overall teacher judgement on discussions and work down in class.
For years 4+ use the test with open-ended answers

Possible Answers

The Church is the people united with God
1 point = one idea, 2 points = 2 or more ideas, 3 points = relational a coherent explanation, 4 points = extended abstract, connects with the big picture of the church in terms of the church’s mission to bring about the Kingom of God.

We want the children to know they ARE the church.  The prayer -  Christ has no body now but your’s, hands etc…
Becoming part of the church – Sacraments of Initiation – Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist
That we are Disciples- following the way of Jesus
Belonging and participating
The Church shows us how we need to act in our lives - we are the Church
how do people become part of the Church - Ceremonies, Initiations
Church as the bride of Christ
Churh as the body of Christ
We are a community of disciples , our parish is a sign of God in the world - Jesus founded the Church and that it is a sign which brings about God’s presence and love in the world.

We all have a role in the Church
To take some responsibility like reading at church or altar serving or saying prayers
What are we called to do because we are part of the church (vocations)?
Roles in the church

Formal roles within the Church
The work of the priest in the church – the priest carries out the Eucharistic sacrament
Teaching role of bishops – only the bishops can interpret Church teaching guided by the Holy Spirit – the priests share this with the people but they do not interpret it.  The Bishop is the shepherd of the diocese and has the shepherd’s crook
The role of the Pope
All these can be found in the strand teaching books

The Mission of the Church
To bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth?  In accordances with the Our Father prayer – we are not just sitting back and waiting for it to happen we have to make it happen, guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit.
To share the Good News – the Word of God
Evangelisation – to encourage all to participate




Key Concepts For Church Strand
Key Concepts For Church Strand
Year 1:
·       Belonging, participating and celebrating in whanau, school and parish
·       The mission of Jesus carried on in the Church today
Year 5:
·       Worship in prayer, Word and Sacrament is central to the life of the Church
·       The Liturgical Seasons
·       The centrality of the Eucharist and the significance of Sunday
·       Christ’s saving work
Year 2:
·       The local parish and the way it gathers, celebrates, lives and prays as a sign of God’s love and presence  
·       Belonging to a parish is a privilege and a responsibility
Year 6:
·       The early Christian community
·       Using gifts for the mission of the Church – focusing on
·       vocations of single life and religious life
·       The Church: a pilgrim people on a life journey to God
Year 3:
·       Jesus called his apostles and disciples to follow him
·       People become full members (are initiated) of the Church through Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist
·       Members of the church are to carry on Jesus’ mission
Year 7:
·       Jesus as model teacher and the continuation of his teaching by the apostles in the early church.
·       The Church teaches God’s truth through the Bishops united with the Pope
·       Continuing the teaching of Jesus in the Church today in Aotearoa New Zealand
Year 4:
·       Baptism calls all to grow in holiness in different vocations
·       The Church’s Mission to serve
·       The Good News of how to be reconciled to God
Year 8:
·       3 Images of the Church – People of God,
·       Body of Christ / Te Whanau a Te Karaiti, a Pilgrim People
·       As a Community of disciples the church is to be a visible sign of Christ in the world
·       Marks of the Church – one, holy, catholic and apostolic

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